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Matrescence, the profound transformation women undergo after giving birth, is a journey I deeply understand and empathize with. As a holistic counselor with a master in psychology, specializing in maternal well-being, my mission is to support mothers during this delicate postpartum period. I offer practical skills to navigate the physical and emotional challenges of motherhood while fostering the development of a new sense of self. Through compassionate coaching, I guide mothers and caregivers in addressing and healing past traumas and emotional wounds that may resurface during matrescence, facilitating their personal growth and empowerment.

In my practice, I prioritize alternative approaches to tackle postpartum anxiety and depression. I believe in the power of nature, and I often recommend herbal remedies like brahmi and passion flower to alleviate these symptoms naturally. These herbs can provide gentle relief without the potential side effects of pharmaceuticals. Additionally, I explore innovative methods like microdosing with psilocybin when appropriate and conducted under professional supervision, offering mothers an alternative path to emotional healing and growth. My holistic approach ensures that mothers receive comprehensive care that not only addresses their immediate challenges but also empowers them to embrace motherhood as an opportunity for transformation and healing.


Mental Wellness

Personal Growth: I help mothers explore their evolving identity, guiding them in embracing the personal growth and transformation that come with becoming a parent.

Relationship Building: I offer guidance on strengthening the mother-child bond and maintaining healthy relationships within the family, fostering positive connections and communication.

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Motherhood Coaching

Emotional Support: I offer a safe and empathetic space for mothers to express their feelings, fears, and challenges, providing emotional support during the transformative journey of motherhood.

Practical Guidance: I provide practical advice and strategies to navigate the complexities of motherhood, addressing issues such as sleep training, breastfeeding, time management, and self-care.

Vitamins and herbal supplements

Herbal and Alternative Medicine

Holistic Well-Being: I incorporate holistic approaches, including alternative medicines, herbs, and mindfulness techniques, to support physical and mental well-being, promoting a balanced and fulfilling motherhood experience.

Microdose Coaching: I offer personalized guidance and support in incorporating microdosing practices to potentially address postpartum challenges and promote emotional well-being, while emphasizing safety and responsible use

About Me

Alternative Mental Health Care for Mothers

I am a mother of three incredible boys who has walked the challenging path of postpartum depression, anxiety, and rage after each birth, along with the heartache of a miscarriage. My journey into motherhood began with the tender care of midwives during my pregnancies, which left me feeling nurtured and supported. However, as my postpartum struggles unfolded, I realized that the care I needed didn't fit within the traditional model of postpartum support.

My experience highlighted the gap in postpartum care that many mothers face, as the postpartum period is often mistakenly thought to be just a few months when, in reality, its a continuous and always changing new chapter of life. At 6 months postpartum I felt confused and alone, not knowing where to turn for help. Traditional talk therapy seemed to dwell on the past, missing the intensity of the transition I was experiencing. And while SSRIs helped to alleviate some symptoms, they left me feeling numb and anxious about dependency. I turned to Micro Dosing, a gentle yet effective medicine which allowed me to reset my nervous system, giving me the space I needed to heal.

This journey inspired me to receive my Masters in Psychology, focusing on transpersonal approaches to mental health. My approach marries all aspects of this transformative period, guiding mothers through the hardships while helping them discover a new and empowering understanding of their identity as mothers. I emphasize alternative medicines and herbs to gently support and strengthen our sense of self, our connection with our children, and our place within the family. It's my mission to provide the support I wished I had during those challenging postpartum months, helping mothers find healing and empowerment on their unique journeys into motherhood.

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